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Run a report to show Temp/On Hire Sales for each week ending. Report by Division, Client, Billing Location, Raw Report (grouped by Division) & Raw Report.

How to Use

From the main menu click on the Reports and Sales links and then select the Temp/On-Hire Sales Reporting Tool link.

Here you are able to select;

  • One or more Divisions
  • One or more Period Ending(s)

You then can either report at any of these levels;

  • Division Level
  • Client Level
  • Location Level
  • Raw Report Consolidated by Division
  • Raw Report

You are also able to add in an Additional Costs factor that is applied to your total costs column in the report. This may be useful as a way to include non payroll related costs in the report (eg a factor for admin/ppe/financing costs etc)

Temp Sales Reporting Tool.png

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